Why Care About the Bread You Eat?

homemade bread
Bread is a basic, staple food, made only from flour, yeast, salt and water.  Yet, looking at the packaging of bought loaves, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a lot more complicated than that.

You may choose to add sugar, to taste, or a little oil, but even those ingredients are not essential.  Bought bread tends to contain a host of other things, designed, mainly, to preserve the shelf-life of the bread and make it look more appealing for longer.

What is this obsession with keeping ‘fresh’ food for as long as possible, until it is no longer, in fact, fresh?

Surely it is healthier to consume bread that is made only from simple, natural ingredients.

Making your own bread means that you can source your ingredients with care and conscience too.  You can choose to buy organic, locally produced flour and fair-trade raw cane sugar.  You can decide which ingredients are ethically, environmentally and healthily best for your consumption.

It’s about taste, as well, of course.  Despite all its emulsifiers and texture-improvers, bought bread is usually a disappointing experience compared to home made bread.

For flavour, texture and a feeling of wholesomeness, home made bread is unsurpassed.

Many people want to make their own bread but the process seems too onerous. In fact, there is no need for it to be a time-consuming chore.

That's why I'm here. I want to share my bread recipes with you and help you to reduce the bread-making process to its simplest components. If you're new to bread-making, start with my hassle-free homemade bread recipe and take it from there.

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