How To Boost Your Bread Recipe And Make A More Lovable Loaf

Bread with seeds and malted wheat flakes

Do you like variety? You have your tried-and-tested bread recipe, but you'd like a change?

With some simple tweaks, it's possible to make a different loaf every time, even using the same recipe.

Here are some easy ways to boost your bread recipe and enhance your baking repertoire.

Surprisingly, you can make a lot of different breads using the same basic recipe.

Five Easy Techniques To Make Your Bread Super Attractive

Bread with a heart shaped scoring pattern
Five ways to make your bread look extra special:

      1. Glazing
      2. Toppings
      3. Plaiting/braiding
      4. Scoring
      5. Stencilling
Homemade bread is lovely. There's something special about being able to give a freshly baked loaf as a gift. But sometimes you want to it be extra special; something above and beyond the fact that it has been lovingly homemade. What if your bread could be lovingly homemade AND really beautiful?
Read on.

How To Bake Like A Professional

Homemade crusty loaf with sesame seeds
The time has come. Want to take your homemade bread to new levels of amazing? This week I have been learning some new skills and I want to invite you along on the adventure.

Look, it's ok to make 'ok' bread. It really is. When time is tight and you need bread now, you just want it to be tasty and edible, with minimum fuss. That's what this site is about, mostly: how to use ingredients you can trust to produce reliable, delicious fresh bread with no hassle. It's the bish bash bosh approach to bread making, if you like.

If you're looking for speed and efficiency, follow this link to Get An Easy Recipe for a brisk and businesslike approach to baking the family's bread. Or use this Formula For Great Dough to create homemade bread recipes on any scale. But if you're feeling more adventurous, read on.

All You Need To Know About The Skilly Wash

A crusty homemade cob loaf
Crusts. Cracklingly crunchy, crispy crusts.

If you're looking to perfect your crust technique, this is the last piece of the puzzle. You've tried steam, you've tried high temperatures, you've read my post "How To Achieve An Amazing Crust" but have you tried the skilly wash?

Relatively few people have, I suspect. But it could be the game-changer where perfect crusts are concerned. So, what is the skilly wash? How do you make it? What is it supposed to look like? This article is for you.

Allinson's Country Grain Flour

Allinson's Country Grain Flour
Today, I'm test-driving Allinson's Country Grain flour. It comes highly recommended by reader, Gill*, whose description made it sound so delicious that I just had to give it a try.
*Thanks Gill!

I usually buy just two types of flour, one white and one wholemeal, in huge sacks from Shipton Mill. But when Gill described the Allinson's Country Grain, I couldn't resist decided it was my duty to test it out and let the good readers of Freshly Baked know what it is like.

Incidentally, if anyone else would like to recommend their favourite flour to me, I will be happy to write more flour reviews in future. Just another perk of the job service I provide, you know, taste-testing bread. You're welcome.

How To Achieve An Amazing Crust (It's So Easy!)

How to achieve an amazing crust

Want to make super-crusty bread at home? This article is for you. I have a simple technique. No hassle. Works every time :o)

I've been experimenting with crustiness this week. Whenever I buy good* bread it always has this amazing, thick, crunchy crust.

Pizza Rolls - Perfect Picnic Food

homemade pizza rolls
Pizza rolls: the perfect lunch (or snack) solution when you want bread in a hurry. Choose whatever filling you like and they are picnic-ready, straight from the oven. Recipe below.

But what's this about picnics?! Brrrr. It's chilly, grey winter here. Only the fact that we're in Tier 3, with the associated insistence that we socialise Outdoors Only, could make me even contemplate eating al fresco.

Pizza rolls are great for picnics but they're also perfect for indoor lunches and snacks in any location. Phew. You can put away that umbrella.

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