Pizza Rolls - Perfect Picnic Food

homemade pizza rolls
Pizza rolls: the perfect lunch (or snack) solution when you want bread in a hurry. Choose whatever filling you like and they are picnic-ready, straight from the oven. Recipe below.

But what's this about picnics?! Brrrr. It's chilly, grey winter here. Only the fact that we're in Tier 3, with the associated insistence that we socialise Outdoors Only, could make me even contemplate eating al fresco.

Pizza rolls are great for picnics but they're also perfect for indoor lunches and snacks in any location. Phew. You can put away that umbrella.

Festive Spiced Rolls - Iced Cinnamon Swirls

homemade festive spiced rolls iced cinnamon swirls
Spicy, fruity bread swirls: easy to make, easy to eat(!) and easy to customise. Delicious for a festive afternoon tea. Read on for the recipe.

The brief: Lure my children to a live-streaming concert of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Keep them there for the whole concert.

Solution? A roaring fire, hot chocolate and festive iced buns. Though, in the interests of absolute honesty, I must say that the bread was so freshly made as to almost miss the concert entirely. We only just managed to scoff them before 'Winter' was over.

Homemade Savoury Crackers Four Ways

homemade savoury crackers
Delicious, homemade, savoury crackers. Surprisingly easy. Endlessly versatile. Recipe below.

Last time I made crackers. Oh dear. Tasty, yes, but not for those with delicate teeth. They were a little hard to bite. In an attempt to make them crisp, I had created concrete.

"They're nice dipped in soup," I offered, somewhat lamely. But it turned out they were also waterproof. No matter how long I waited with my cracker submerged, it didn't get any softer.

Flour Supplies in Lockdown and Soft Pretzels

If you're wondering where to buy flour, in lockdown, I have good news. I know where the flour supplies are. *Taps side of nose and winks*

I have also made pretzels, which counts as more good news because they are delicious, moreish, and adaptable: you can make them savoury or sweet. Would you like them sprinkled with seasalt, glazed with sugar and cinnamon, dipped in chocolate or...? Scroll along for the recipe. But not so fast!

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