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Eat Your Greens Loaf

A dense looking cross-section of a brown loaf of bread
Here's a strange idea. What if you could eat your greens inside your bread? Not as a sandwich: actually in the dough.

In today's experiment, I incorporated some healthy greens into my daily bread.

How did it go? What did my children think? And who would do such a thing anyway?!

Warning: This loaf contains cabbage.

Super Seeded Batard Recipe

Sliced wholemeal seeded batard
Super seeded, super delicious. This recipe is also super simple and super adaptable. Ok, I'll stop with the supers. But it's a good one.

I made this into a batard shape but you could use the dough to make any shape of loaf or rolls you like. It will work with different combinations of seeds, too, so use what you have in the house. Here's what I did.

Wholemeal Pan Rustico Recipe

A rustic loaf with a shiny crust
Rustic wholemeal bread is here! (Scroll down for recipe.)

Pan rustico, or 'rustic bread', is a round or freeform loaf. This version is made with an overnight sponge for extra flavour.

I recently tested a Homemade Pan Rustico recipe using mostly white flour. I loved the slightly yeasty taste that developed with the overnight sponge. The texture of the loaf was soft and slightly crumbly: very light inside whilst also having a pleasing crust.


Five Secrets To Making The Crispiest Crackers

A plate of seeded crackers
  1. Use some oil in the mixture
  2. Baking powder helps with lightness
  3. Roll the mixture out very thinly
  4. Use the 'five-a-side' rule of baking
  5. Allow to dry in the oven

Baking your own savoury crackers can be a really easy, economical way to make tasty snacks for the family. They can be as healthy as you like, too, since you control the level of salt and decide how much wholemeal flour to use.

Homemade Pan Rustico (Rustic Spanish Bread)

Sliced white bread with a very soft crumbSoft, fluffy, light and extra tasty. Pan rustico - or 'rustic Spanish bread' - has been described as 'half way to sourdough'. This is due to the slightly convoluted method involved and the resulting flavour. It's so worth it!

Here I explain what makes this bread so special and, most importantly, how you can make some for yourself.

Proving Bread Overnight - Why And How?

A round loaf with a wheat stalk scoring pattern
What about proving bread overnight, Paul Hollywood style (or otherwise)? Why would you want to? And how best to do it? If you've been wondering about the secrets of an overnight prove, this article is for you. Here I discuss the benefits (and potential drawbacks) of overnight proving and give you the easiest method for overnight success.

Note that Paul Hollywood and I may slightly disagree over the details of how to use this technique but, don't worry, I'll explain our differences and you can do whatever works for you.

How To Use Fermipan Red Yeast

Fermipan yeast in a packet and a jar with a loaf of bread in the background
Fermipan yeast: How do you use it? Is it good? Can it be stored? Here are all the answers to your Fermipan yeast questions.

If you want to know more about Fermipan Red yeast, you've come to the right place. I have been using Fermipan Red yeast for decades. It is my top choice of instant dried yeast.

In this article I will explain how to use Fermipan Red yeast, how it can best be stored and why I recommend it over other instant dried yeasts.

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