Bake Delicious Bread

homemade fruit bread You've chosen a recipe. You're looking forward to welcoming your family home with the smell of freshly baked bread. You've got the ingredients ready but you're hesitating.


Because you've tried before and somehow it seems like a lot of effort to make if it's all going to go wrong again.

Don't worry.

With a little experience (in this case, mine!) you'll soon get the hang of it.

If I can do it, you can.

I'm putting together a series of articles containing more in depth information about each step in the process. That way, if there's anything you're unclear about, you'll find more details here.

And if there's something more you need to know, please email me about it.

Articles To Help You Improve Your Technique and Bake Delicious Bread

How To Knead Bread Dough
Do you know how to knead efficiently? Find out what kneading is meant to achieve and how long you really ought to spend kneading - it's probably not what you've been told. This post includes step by step instructions for kneading and a video kneading tutorial.

Does Your Dough Pass The Windowpane Test?
Discover how to carry out a windowpane test and what to do if your dough is failing.

How To Know If Your Bread Has Risen Enough
What are you aiming for when the recipe says 'let the dough rise'? In this article, I've gone into more detail about rising, including a really short video of the prod test.

What Is Proving And Do I Need A Basket?
Ever wondered about 'proving'? Find out what proving entails, check that you're not over proving and learn more about proving baskets.

How To Know If Your Bread Is Properly Cooked
Can you be sure your loaf is fully done? This article shows you how to avoid that soggy-in-the-middle situation with two simple tips.

Yeast - Different Types And How To Use Them
Got the wrong sort of yeast? Find out how the yeast you've got can work in any recipe.

Bread Too Crumbly? 5 Little Secrets You Need To Know
Is your homemade bread too crumbly? You wanted a soft-textured, springy loaf and you got crumbs? It's a common problem. If your bread is tending to be drier and more crumbly than you would like, I have five 'secrets' of success for you.

Need more inspiration?

Here's my super speedy guide to Freshly Baked Bread In 20 Minutes.

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