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ingredients for homemade bread
When you first start to make bread, you can only follow the recipe. You follow it as closely as you can and hope for the best.

Many people are happy enough to work like that but it's not very flexible. Do you always want to be a slave to the recipe?

Of course not. You don't want to be stuck like that.

You want to be able to adapt; to say, "We don't have any X in the cupboard, I think I'll use Y instead" or "I'm going to make chorizo bread for lunch today without even Googling a recipe."

Having confidence in the process allows you to create any bread you like, without having to have 'permission' from a pre-printed recipe.

It's all about having a deeper understanding of the process.

Once you understand what's important and what's not, you can experiment with confidence.

The possibilities are endless.

This series of articles is about the science behind the recipe. It will help you to understand which aspects of the process are really important and what, actually, you can be flexible about.

Cook With Confidence - What's Important And What's Not

Do I Really Need Strong Flour?
Have you ever wondered what's 'strong' about flour? Or been tempted to use any old flour that you have to hand? Find out what makes a good bread flour and learn the science behind rising.

Why Use Sugar In Bread Dough?
Is sugar really necessary? Why do some bread recipes contain sugar and others do not? Find out whether you should use or omit the sugar when you bake bread.

The Formula For Great Dough
Want to devise your own recipe? You just need the perfect dough formula.

Dough Hydrations For Fantastic Bread
Different types of bread require different proportions of ingredients. Learn how to work out the correct amount of water for any recipe.

Salt In Bread - Is It Really Necessary?
Find out about the role of salt in bread-making and make an informed decision about how much, if any, you want to use.

Oil In Bread Dough - Yes or No?
Should you put oil in bread dough? What does it do for the bread? What happens if you miss it out? This article addresses the question of oil, or fat, in bread, so you don't make the mistake I made.

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