Can You Cook?

homemade breadCan you cook?

Yes, you can!

So many people look longingly at my home made bread and declare that they “can’t cook.”

I don’t believe it. With some good instructions and, perhaps, a little practice, anyone can make excellent home made bread.

It’s quite difficult to go wrong, in fact. Even bread that turns out to be a bit dense or a little soggy can be redeemed by a brisk toasting and lashings of honey.

I’ve kept the basic recipe as simple as possible. You need no technical expertise, no special equipment and even the measurements are not critical.

As for time (another common excuse) you have enough. The time required for bread making is minimal. Although the process itself takes many hours, your actual input is only for a matter of minutes.

So, if you’re serious about giving it a go, all you need is a little courage. If you’ve never experienced freshly baked bread before, I can only ask you to take a leap of faith and give it a try. Once you’ve become accustomed to freshly baked bread, nothing else will do.

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