One Simple Step To More Interesting Bread

Use beer in bread doughSometimes, it gets boring. You've mastered one bread recipe and it works well but you don't want to eat the same thing every day. It would be nice to make a little change to the basic recipe and experience different flavours.

Well, you can.

It doesn't matter which recipe you are using (may I cheekily recommend one of my own?! My Awesome Everyday Loaf recipe is very straightforward and adaptable).

Anyway, using just about any trusty bread recipe, here is a simple tip to help you bake different and interesting bread every time you fancy a change.

Think Liquid

My simple tip is this:

Use a different liquid.

Instead of water, choose something else. Be inventive. Be resourceful.

All sorts of liquids make interesting and subtly* flavoured bread.

*You might be surprised just how subtle, actually. It takes a strong flavour to alter the taste of bread.

Here are some liquids that you might like to use:

  • Beer (I have a friend who is a brewer, so I often get the end of a barrel to cook with)
  • Tea (the stewed or cold remains of a pot of tea can make excellent bread)
  • Milk (even if it's gone off, you can still use it in bread)
  • Cooking water (after you've boiled your potatoes, use the liquid for your loaf)
  • Coconut milk (when I use creamed coconut to make curry, there's always some coconut milk left)
  • Fruit juice (sometimes I have leftover liquid from a tin of fruit)

It's actually quite a frugal thing to do, using up liquids that might otherwise be discarded.

What Could You Try?

Obviously, you can be creative here and work with what you've got available.

It's nice to feel that you have a bit of flexibility with a recipe. Changing the type of liquid that you use is a very easy alteration, pretty much guaranteed to work out just fine.

So, what have you got? Let me know if you discover any delicious flavours that I'd like to try. Leave me a comment.

And About That Tutorial...

It's coming, at last! It really is.

I'm very excited to say that I am well on the way to launching my new tutorial:

It's for you if your bread is more functional than beautiful. I had that problem for a long time.

Have you been wondering what the professionals do to make their bread look so good?

There are some simple techniques you can use to make gorgeous looking bread and I'll be sharing them in the Bake Beautiful Bread tutorial. It will be available sometime next week, with a special offer for Freshly Baked subscribers.

Please grab your copy of Freshly Baked Bread In 20 Minutes.

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