Ever So Easy Eggy Bread

eggy bread
Leftover bread? Never fear. You can always make eggy bread. Providing you have some eggs, of course. And a frying pan. But really, it's dead easy.

All you do is this:

  • Cut eight* slices of bread and half them.
    *Obviously, you can cut as many slices as you like, but I'm giving quantities for eight slices - please adjust accordingly.
  • Next, whip up three eggs with about half a pint of milk, a sprinkling of salt and plenty of pepper.
  • Soak the bread in the eggy mixture for a few minutes so that it is partially absorbed.
  • Fry the eggy bread in vegetable oil on a medium heat, turning after two minutes or so, to ensure that both sides are browned.

Et voila!
It is amazing what some frying and a generous helping of ketchup can do to even the most unappetising of loaves. Fry it up and watch it go.

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