How To Bake Beautiful Bread

Bake beautiful bread
It's finally here, folks!

Your bread is about to get prettier.

Let this be the end of lopsided loaves, collapsing cobs and bloomers that do anything but bloom*.
*Sorry to be going on about my bloomers again(!)

We've all been there. Myself more than most, perhaps.

I spent ages clinging onto the idea that beauty is only skin deep. Especially when it comes to bread. I mean, surely, it's the flavour that counts?

For years, I baked bread that tasted great and looked, well, not so great.

It felt like an insurmountable hurdle.

The good news is, it wasn't. Insurmountable, that is. Or, indeed, much of a hurdle. It turned out to be one of those 'easy when you know how' things.

Gradually, I discovered the secrets to making dough that holds its shape and loaves that rise up instead of spreading sideways.

Anyone can make beautiful bread if they have the right instructions.

So, that's what I've done.

I've packaged together all my knowledge and experience of making bread that is good-looking as well as tasty.

In How To Bake Beautiful Bread, you will learn exactly how to shape your dough so that it makes beautiful bread.

There are step-by-step tutorials, with plenty of photographs showing precisely what is required for lovely looking loaves. There are even video tutorials (yes, that's me! And my kitchen specially tidied is always that spotless) so you can see the shaping techniques in action.

You also get a troubleshooting section, with the rookie errors that are most likely to be hindering your progress. You'll want to know how to avoid those mistakes.

It's a really useful guide. I've crammed a lot in!

You can have it now

The tutorial package comes as a pdf, which you can use right away. Think how beautiful your next loaf will be!

To celebrate the launch of this product and to encourage those who are keen progress their baking skills to the next level, the How To Bake Beautiful Bread tutorial package is available at a special introductory price: 50% off for a limited period only.

Today, and over the weekend (including Monday, which is a Bank Holiday here) you can get your tutorial package for just £2.99 (don't worry if you're using another currency, PayPal knows how to sort it all out).

Note to Freshly Baked subscribers: You received an email from me last night, with an extra-special discount code, so please remember to use that at the checkout, to claim your extra-special price ;) Your discount is valid until Monday too.

Act now, because the price goes up on Tuesday 27th*.

*Ed: The discount period is now over but the tutorial package is still great value.

Click here to BUY IT NOW.

Thank you. I really appreciate your support :)

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