Fabulous Melba Toast

Oh wow. You will love this. At least, I do. And it's so simple. This is a really brilliant way to use up day-old focaccia.

Come to think of it, I'm going to make a whole section dedicated to doing delicious things with undelicious bread.

I'm not saying that the focaccia is undelicious, of course. Rosemary and sea salt focaccia is one of my most favourite things to make for lunchtime guests. It's just that it's not so delicious the following day. Leftover bread can be somewhat uninspiring. But this! This! Sometimes I make extra focaccia with the express purpose of making fabulous Melba toast, next day.

It's very easy.

The Fabulous Melba Toast

Perhaps it's over-egging it a little to call this a recipe, but just in case you are in any doubt, here's how I make Melba toast:

1. Use some left-over focaccia from yesterday.
2. Slice the focaccia as thinly as possible.
3. Spread the slices onto a baking tray or two (this can require a lot of tray space!)
4. Bake slowly in a cool oven (say 130oC but remember that my oven is particularly fierce) for half an hour or so, until crisp.
5. Eat! (Or they store in an airtight container for what I imagine could be ages although ours have never lasted long)

These are great served with hummus or pate and they're even tasty on their own.

In Other News

Now the weather's warmer (please let this be summer) I'm going to start off some sourdough. I've enjoyed working with wild yeast cultures in the past and I'm keen to have another go. Have you tried making sourdough before? Would you like to? Send me your questions, I'm writing a how-to guide.

Thank you

Thanks to all those who have supported my work by buying the book. Did I mention what excellent value it is at the moment...?!


I love to hear about your baking successes (or troubles) and hopefully be of some assistance, so please get in touch if you have any questions or tales to tell.

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