Greetings and It's All Change Here


I know, I don't normally start an article with 'Hello' but things are changing round here.

Normally, it's all rather formal. I've been aiming for the 'lots of useful information' approach but have, in the process, forgotten the more human side of life: the reality check, the 'how it really is'.

A kind friend pointed out to me that, whilst this site is indeed full of useful information, it doesn't seem to contain much of me, the author. I've been so busy posting up recipes and tips, I haven't allowed myself time to do any chatting. It must be kind of like having a teacher who walks into the room, lectures, then leaves again.

So, Happy New Year, it's finally time to introduce myself.

Also, it's been ages since I last posted. Somehow, in the mean time, I've got loads of new subscribers (thank you!) who must all be sitting around expectantly, waiting for some news - any news...

The fact is that there is a lot of news.

While you've been waiting patiently for The Latest On Bread, I have been doing lots of baking, inspired by having been on a bread-baking course, with a real baker. It's totally transformed the way I bake bread. My bread has become not just tasty and - well - functional, but beautiful and delicious. Hey, it's even been good enough to give as gifts. Yeah.

I really want to share the new insights, but it'll involve some changes. I mean, all the recipes I've already written are fine, but I'd like to change them, because now I know how to do it even better.

I suppose I've been wondering where to start. I've been held back by the idea that it ALL needs to change: the recipes, the techniques, and even the style of writing. Don't worry, the trusty dough balls are still excellent. All the recipes that you see here today work well. It's just that I'm excited to share my new experiences and make these recipes work even better.

And, my lovely friend said, she'd like to see the real me, on here. She wants to read about my bread disasters and culinary nightmares as well as what the children really loved to eat and the baking that was gobbled up so fast it barely made it to the table.

So there's a lot to do, which is exciting and just a little bit daunting. It's all change here. Consider yourself forewarned. I'm starting with Hello and we'll take it from there.


  1. And just to add to your to do list a recipe for the infamous stollen please - so nice J (aged 7) ate almost an entire loaf in one sitting and dad got one bit :D

    1. Request noted! I'll send you the recipe post-haste and put it up on here for everyone else in due course.


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